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Latest News and Catches


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I have left this picture of Geoff with spot because it was the biggest caught from Llyn Alarch last year.(See "Latest News" on the main menu).



The mild weather in the midle of the month produced some good sport. One day on bread punch I had over 30 nice roach on the pole and another day the same number plus a tench on a waggler. I tried small pellets on the pole (24 2 17) feeding with a mixture of different pellets and fishing with 4mm Halibut on the hook but didn't do much good until I changed to some 4mm feeder pellets and ended up with a mirror carp, three tench and a good number of rudd and the odd roach.

On all occasions my catch rate rose significantly when I put lighter tackle on - when I was float fishing I started off with a 3BB antenna float and changed to a 2 No.4 Crow Quill and on the pole changed to a float carrying 2 No.10 shot. It was hilarious in hindsight. When I was fishing the breadpunch with the antenna float I could not understand why the bread would not stay on the hook but when I put the light float on I realised that it wouldn't stay on because the fish were eating it without showing a sign on the float!


Don't rule out 4mm Halibut pellets on the hook. Yesterday (26.2.17) while I was catching several small trout and one decent perch on maggots Berry Jones caught 3 carp and some very fine roach on Halibut pellet size 4mm. The carp went Mirror 4-04-00, Common 2-14-00 and Mirror



The "Common" that Berry caught was similar to several we have in the lake. The scale pattern doesn't appear to have the regularity of a true common carp but there are no bare areas that appear on a Mirror carp. If we have some very bad weather i will print them all out and sit there playing snap because I'm sure they are individual enough to recognise. I'll put the image up for you to see what I mean - in the meantime please weigh and photograph your fish (both sides if possible) so that we can all see them. Send them in to


Feb 28

JLB. With the snow on the ground in Llandrindod I almost didn't set out but eventually set out just before lunch. I fished with a pole with 4mm fish meal pellets on the hook and fed with a mixture of pellets. I started with a 0.40g float with a thick tip because the ripple made it difficult for me to see but after about 40 minutes I hadn't detected a bite. I changed to a 0.10g float (which supports two No.10 shot) with a fine insert and promptly caught a chub about 4lb. I packed up about 4 o'clock and ended up with a tench about a pound, several roach with a couple about 12oz, a beautifully coloured rudd about 8oz and two or three trout. Better than moping at home!


Mar 7

Berry had a great time last Sunday (5th) with three carp, two tench and several roach before the awful weather drove him off the water. On Tuesday he had one carp (Brooklyn 3-02-00) and several roach with the best a fin perfect 1-03-00


Mar 14

JLB. Berry catches quite a number of carp using 4mm marine halibut pellets on the pole and I want to catch carp so....... I pole-fished for 2 days using marine halibut 4mm pellets and caught some lovely roach and rudd and the odd tench but no carp. Today I fished with feeder pellets for roach and rudd and tench and only caught one fish in 4 hours and that was a very fat Common carp named Spot (9-00-00). Another chap fished with a feeder for carp and caught some lovely rudd. I'm going to fly-fish tomorrow on the river.


Mar 30

JLB. Fished from lunch until 7.00 pm on platform 4 using maggots on the pole. The pool was a good colour from the rain and I tried to dodge the trout by avoiding loose feeding the maggots. Instead I mixed some in with feeder groundbait and dropped them in from the pot. I had about 30 roach with several around the pound mark, the best went 1-05-00. In addition there was one small tench, a perch about 4 oz (first one that I have seen for about 2 months), 2 bream and 6 trout. The bream went 2-04-00 and 2-05-00 and looked really fit.


Mar 31

JLB. Fished from lunch until 6.30. Fished from the disabled platform at the dam end (2&3) using maggots on the pole. It was quite windy so I didn't fish along way out. [I'm a beginner at pole fishing and I'm not sure how they number the pieces of the pole - there are two pieces at the top with elastic running through and I call those the "Top bit" then number one , number two, etc.] I was fishing holding the end of the number three section. I had some nice roach and a tench about 2lb and a few trout but wasn't setting the world on fire. Then the current started and was running away from the dam and the sport slowed and died. More groundbait , more maggots, nothing, Then it started to rain. Up with the brolly (10 minutes - a new personal best). Decided to wait out the rain by fishing just out from the stage where I could easily toss a few maggots in. I was using the Top bit and section 1 which has been shortened a bit when it was repaired after I trod on it! I had a great time with roach and trout and perch. Then it died but I carried on and found out why it had died when a carp wolfed down the maggot and charged off. I added sections 2, 3 and 4 and admired the way the orange elastic stretched and the way the No 20 hook and 2.5 lb hooklength took the strain. The carp was only 3-15-00 (a mirror named Jenny) but felt like a monster.


April 1

JLB. That disabled platform (2&3) is doing well. Ian Campbell was fishing there when I arrived and he had caught several fish including a carp about 4lb. He had to leave to watch Liverpool v Everton early k.o. I fished the other side the lake (No 24) with pole and single maggot and had about 30 roach up to about a pound, several trout of course and two tench best about 2lb. Mick Wilkes arrived at lunch time and fished 2&3 where Ian had fished earlier.

He was fishing bread punch. I will let him describe his fishing method :- "The method I used for catching the Roach yesterday was fishing a 5 metre elasticated whip to hand. Using a 3BB waggler and fishing full depth (the method I usually fish up there). Size 18 kamasan B711 barbless hook to 2lb line.

As I said to you yesterday the key is to constantly introduce liquidised bread to bring the fish in, keep them confidently feeding and make sure they hang around."

They cetainly hung around!! He caught about 80 roach, many in the 12 - 16 oz range, and then finished by fishing with sweetcorn and caught a mirror named Dot at 3-15-00. Some fishing


April 13

JLB. The hot weather of the previous weekend had got the fish feeding so there was enough colour in the water for me to pole fish sucessfully in fairly shallow water but the chilly wind cooled the shallows. Geoff and Berry fished a feeder into the deeper water and Geoff also fished a waggler into the deep water in front of platform 6. They had frequent bites on the feeder and occasionally a stonking roach or rudd would manage to get its mouth around an 8mm boilie. By the time I left at 7.00 pm they also had a carp and a tench each. Berry had a 4lb Wildie and Geoff a Mirror (Stella) at 6-12-00. My meagre catch included 2 gudgeon!














April 15

JLB. Dave green is rearing a fine pair of lady anglers. Isobel has been helping dad's catch record for a couple of years but today it was young sister Jessica's turn. Maggot on a short pole was all that was required to haul out a fin perfect common carp of about 3lbs.

It was an "almost" day for the carp. Stuart Matthews and Squashy fished a short session, Stuart had two good runs which came to nothing while Squashy went one better and hooked two but they both came off. Another of our young lady anglers, Maisy Wilcocks, had one on but that got off as well. C'est la vie as they say in Llanwrtyd



April 17

JLB. Everyone seemed to be catching carp so I thought I would have a go. I'm still very keen to learn more about pole fishing so I used Berry's method - fishing with a 4mm halibut pellet on a band and potting in coarsely ground larger halibut pellets. I increased the elastic to White Hydrolastic (6 - 10 Standard) and the hooklength to 3.5 lb. First drop in resulted in a mirror named Cook at 3-04-00. Next fish was a roach 1-01-00 - Wow. I ended up with two more mirrors, Twotone (5-02-00) hooked on the upper tip of her tail and a fully scaled one named Hazel (2-02-00) plus two tench and a few more roach. I'm getting to like this pole fishng.


April 18

JLB. Fished the same peg again (No 26 - two up from the dam on the far side from the car park) and used the same method but the carp had all gone up to the other end of the lake. I had some lovely roach and a small tench but the big boys were missing.







April 19

JLB. HISTORIC OCCASION Geoff caught a Crucian carp weighing 1-10-00. This was one of a hundred stocked, along with common carp, mirror carp, bream, roach and perch, in December 2012. They were then feasted on by a herd of otters and few survived. An otter-proof fence was then constructed to surround the lake and it was restocked in the Autumn of 2013. Despite all the hundreds of fishing hours since then not one crucian carp had been caught - until today.













April 22

JLB, Summery weather often makes for difficult fishing conditions but Chris Bartholomew was not put off and caught a nice trout and then a cracking pound and a half Perch using maggot on a whip. He hasn't been fishing for long but he is cetainly getting some good results.





























May 2

The bright weather we have had for the last few days seems to deter the fish from feeding in the afternoon but it didn't deter Chris Cooper from fishing for them - and catching one! He managed to avoid catching a swan and caught this beautifully marked mirror on floating bread.




May 11

Tony White dusted off his carp gear and started with a Wildie about 3 lb then Jennie (Mirror) at

4-01-00 and Reverse Scale (Common) at 5-01-00.


May 13

JLB. Dave Green had a lovely 3 lb bream and a 2 lb tench on Raspberry flavoured sweetcorn from peg 4. (Contrary to rumour the bream did have a tail).

I had some cracking roach on pole fished pellet and a surprise mirror (Aramis) at 3-06-00 from peg 26.


May 14

JLB. Tony was carping again, this time in the shallows at peg 14. He had a Wildie and then Spot (Common) at 8-14-00. Berry had a frenzied time at peg 13 on a pole fished close in. He lost a couple of carp but landed our biggest bream so far at 3-08-00 and had lots of tench and roach.


Part way through the session a Great Mystery occured - a fish grabbed the bait, shot off at enormous speed and the line parted company from the end of the elastic. What enormous, high powered fish could it possibly be as the rig had been tested against two carp previously in the session. Berry packed up in the early afternoon so was not present to witness his float come chugging into Tony's swim who cast across it and retrieved the rig along with a rather tired 10 inch brownie on the hook! But....... Great Mysteries always have a twist in the tail - the loop at the top of the rig which connects to the elastic was intact ! We can only wait with bated breath to see if Berry can throw any light on the Mystery when the rig is returned to him.


May 15

JLB. It drizzled nearly all day but remained mild and the sport was good. I arrived earlier than Berry and pinched his spot on peg 4 and pinched his method of fishing it by pole fishing pellets close in. My second bite yielded Rachel (Mirror) at 3-02-00. The next bite raised my hopes of another carp but several minutes of high tension elastic revealed a nice tench foul-hooked in the belly. Later I had a Wildie of identical weight to Rachel at 3-02-00. The session was punctuated by yelps from Berry "Another Perch" "Wow a stonking roach" "A tench this time" "Another trout" Life is never less than dramatic when Berry is within earshot!



May 16

JLB I was winnning the competition with a Wildie (3-08-00), a bream (2-09-00), eight tench and ten roach and then JP Bartholomew turned up to make it a two horse race. He brought along his new pole and it was my job as a five month expert on pole-fishing to sort it and him out and get a fish in the net. Well we had got an hour so that should be no problem (Ho Ho Ho. We need Father Christmas).

Damn me, but 15 minutes later I've just returned another tench when there is a splash and a shout and our hero is in action. These Wildies don't hang about and his string was being well and truly pulled. What a way to start your pole fishing career with your new pole and an ambition to catch a carp all hanging on a 3lb hook link firmly attached to a five pound Wildie going berserk.

Many thanks to Berry Jones for showing us how to pole fish close in. Very well done JP for holding your nerve. I hope your cardiac system has not suffered any permanent damage.


May 29

JLB. The carp have been spawning in the warm conditions so have not been showing much interest in bait - the last one was a Mirror named One-sided at 3-14-00 on the 23rd. This was Geoff's first for some time so was much appreciated. Forward to the 29th and JP has been really getting into this fishing lark and an evening session produced 15 tench, 2 roach, 2 Rudd and a mirror carp - yes our greedy friend One-sided at 3-15-00. JP was fishing in the margin at peg 5 with banded pellet on a pole but really got amongst them when he swapped to expander pellets.


June 4

JLB. JP and I fished the evening fished an evening session and the forecast deluge failed to turn up thank goodness. JP's first \mirror carp was Porthos on the 23rd of May from Peg 4 but now he turned up at Peg 11/12 weighing 3-06-00 to show how much he appeciates JP's technique.

I fished Peg 1 to be near to the car when the rain arrived (it didn't) and had a Wildie of 3-07-00 and a Mirror (Duncan) of 4-01-00 from close in on expander pellets. I potted-in some ground up Halibut pellets as attractor and added some ground up ones to the water I used for the expander pellets - it seemed to work.


June 5

JLB. The forecast deluge did arrive this time but I had set up the brolly and guy ropes at Peg 1 by 6 pm before it started. Potting in ground-up Halibut pellets and fishing with expander pellets (flavoured as above) I had 3 Tench, 2 Trout, 6 Roach and ended with a flourish at 8 pm with a Common Carp of 6-07-00. I have provisionally called him Pinchscale (all names must be ratified by Geoff !!) because he has two scales which appear to be pinched together to fit between the scales in the row above....... I know! I know! I ought to get out more!

Duncan has constructed an enclosure with fine mesh in which we hope to raise some carp fry. The fry get eaten by the other fish and we hope that if they are protected they might grow in safety. The tricky part is getting the fry, or rather seperating the carp fry from the others. The enclosure is in a tasteful shade of pink to make the fry feel at home


June 15

JLB. JP continues to catch carp - this time from peg 2/3. His latest victim was Beth at 4-08-00. It held extra spice because Squashy and Stuart Matthews had arrived with their carp gear and failed to land one. Squashy had spent a lot of time with JP when he first started fishing and showed what a good pupil he had been and what a good tutor Squashy had been as well.


June 16

JLB. JP continues his carp catching (this time on peg 4) with Alistair (Mirror) at 3-03-00 and a common at 5-03-00. I haven't found a name for it but the expert (Geoff) is back from holiday. He told me that the one I had named Pinchscale was actually Mint whom he had caught last September. I stand corrected !

JP caught his fish on expander pellets fished in the margin.


June 18

JLB. Geoff had a good evening with floating bread (it takes all sorts....). Three carp landed and another lost in play (a small one thank goodness). Two commons Fifa (6-07-00), Missing Scale (6-00-00) and a Wildie (4-10-00). Fifa is easily recognised by some missing scales near its tail.


July 3

JLB. The lake has been fishing well. All the regulars catching some nice fish. Tony White made a welcome re-appearence. Here is his report for the last few days :-

Tony White. "hi lance hope you did well on the teme. i had 2 good days on peg 11 and 12. friday 23rd 15 tench, 14 roach, 8 rudd,1 bream 2lb 12ozs, 1wildie 3lb 14ozs, 1 trout on bread punch. The following day saturday 24th june peg 11 and 12 again 8 tench,13 roach,4 rudd 1 crucian 1lb 10 ozs 2 trout 1 was 1lb 3 ozs all on bread punch again, and a 8mtr whip, total outlay 3 loafs £1 50p 2 days fishing. yesterday 1st july took the feeder rods over to the dark side peg 20, 1 mirror 4lb 4ozs . 1 common 3lb 15ozs and 4 tench, geoff as the photos of the carp. all the best tony."


All those fans of Star Wars will understand the reference to "the Dark Side" but to the remainder I shall explain - it is the side of the lake that Geoff fishes !

August 6

JLB. Most of the time through July the lake has fished really well.Tony White has had some stunning catches with roach, rudd, tench, perch and carp. Berry declared that the pesky carp were messing up his roach fishing so turned to waggler-fished luncheon meat and caught several pesky carp including Spot at 8-12-00.

JP sticks to a pole to catch his "pesky carp" and also caught Spot and another common named Kinky (6-00-00) among several others. Early on in the month he also caught a Crucian which was about the same size as the one that Geoff caught but neither appeared to have any distinguishing marks so we don't know if we have more than one in the pool;.

On Friday ( Aug 4th) Dave Green had a morning session with 6 tench, 1 bream, 1 Wildie and 1 Mirror (Geoff). He returned with a helper (Jessica) on Sunday (6th) and had 11 fish including Wildies, Commons, Bream and Tench.

I'm pleased to report that several gudgeon have also been caught.


August 20

JLB. I'm learning a bit about pole fishing. Perhaps I overreacted but when the stronger hooklength I put on after the carp snapped my 3.5lb resulted in my favourite white Hydrolastic going twang I fitted some red.............. Seasoned pole anglers go pale at the thought of red Hydro associating it with bungee jumping and muscle building in the gym. Be that as it may in the last few days I have managed to land six carp without my 7 lb hooklength (nor my red Hydrolastic) giving way. Perhaps my technique is improving!

Berry has gone to the other extreme using a centre-pin with a 2lb hooklink and size 20 hook to a 4mm Halibut pellet. He has caught plenty of roach, rudd, etc. but the inevital carp is a lesson in boredom until the carp gets fed up and swims into the net to bring it to a conclusion.

I mentioned to Mick Wilkes that I had caught a two and a half pound chub which interested me because I had caught several four to six pounders and some around six to seven inches but never in between. He had come to feed the fishes as he had some casters left over and thought it would help if he educated a few while he went about feeding them. A large number of roach and rudd were duly educated leaving the dazed victims bewildered at the speed that a competent match angler could hook, land, unhook and return them. Then he shouted down the pool that he had caught a half pound chub to demonstrate that I was not the only one to catch small chub.

I must bring a measuring tape with me because Berry caught a gudgeon that must have been five inches long - a really hefty gudgeon. We will have to set up a gudgeon specimen list


October 26

JLB. I have been spending too much time fishing to update the website !!

That man JP had a great day's with 5 carp and a nice bream but what what made it truly memorable was that one of the carp was the first double from the water. It was our portly friend Spot who made a welcome re-appearance at 10-01-00. JP was using 4 grains of sweetcorn hair-rigged to a No 10 hook allied with a method feeder.

The carp seemed almost indifferent to method and swim feeders during the Summer months but have made up for it in the last few weeks with Tony White having 6 one day for example.


December 3

JLB What happened in November? you are all asking? Well I got involved with the Grayling Masters Competition, the spent a week sorting out years of secretary's rubbish, then spent a fortnight making a website for another Angling Society!!. But I was keeping in touch.

While the mild weather lasted carp were being caught every day, then it turned cold and things slowed down a bit.Three day ago I spent an afternon with some maggots and had 26 roach and a few trout . The next day it had cleared dramatically and I only had a perch and a couple of roach and even JP struggled but had a nice bream. Geoff showed that carp could still be caught by catching Podge at 4-00-00 with his first cast with a maggot on an 18s hook.

Today Robert Shelley showed us how to do it with pole fished expander pellets. He had 4 roach, 2 nice bream and 14 Tench! What a bag for December? Well done Rob.


December 15

JLB. We all know that melting snow makes fishing a waste of time and there was plenty of snow melting on the Eppynt and charging through Llyn Alarch today. Rob had landed a bream and a carp before I had carried all my tackle to the chosen swim so that was another racing certainty fallen at the first fence. The wind was a bit cold at times but the sport made up for it.

Rob had Brooklyn (3-13-00), a Wildie about 5 lb, a small tench, 3 bream, a dozen roach, a nice rudd and a couple of trout.

JP had One-Sided (5-01-00), a dozen trout, a perch just over a pound and a few roach.

I had Aramis (3-15-00), 10 tench, about 25 roach, 2 rudd and a couple of trout.

JP only had a couple of hours but he was very happy.

We were all happy!