Lyn Alarch News Archive




November 13

The lake has been fishing well with Roach and Perch responding to bread, maggots and caster with a few Carp and Tench making an appearance. Ian Campbell also made a welcome appearence and landed a Chub of 5-10-00 on float fished prawn.


October 15

Plenty of carp and roach coming to the net. Using 6mm pellets produces some beautiful roach around 12 oz to a pound - and the tench like them as well. I am a recent convert to pole fishing and am amazed how far a piece of elastic will stretch.


September 27

Geoff ended a rather quiet spell by catching Spot at 9-06-00 which is the heaviest carp caught from the lake so far. This little pig (Spot not Geoff) has been piling on the pounds - in January it was caught at 7-04-00.



Tony had a great day fishing with 2 maggots on a pole at peg 1 he had a 3lb Mirror, 2lb and 3lb 4oz Bream, 14 Perch, some Roach and the inevitable Brown Trout. A couple of carp slipped the hook as well.


September 13

A wonderful month for carp catches and here is Berry with Geoff at 5-00-00 caught on a pole.


September 9

That well known double act "The Two Cees" was back in town. Chris and Colin had a good mixed bag of roach, perch, trout, a couple of nice bream and a tench before I had to leave early. They were fishing side by side on 11/12. I tried over the bridge on 15 and had some nice roach and rudd and a surprise mirror (Stella) at 6-10-00 on breadflake size 16 hook - epic battle!


August 30

Cludy start to the day and so Tony White couldn't make hay but he could catch fish - by 10.30 he had caught 3 Carp and 5 Tench and on the other side of the pool Todd Wilcocks and daughter Maisy were in the action. Todd had a nice Wildie of 3-06-00, photographed with Maisy on the left.


August 4

Yeovil visitor Jonathen Calderbank hadn't done any coarse fishing for years but a day at Llyn Alarch appealed to him. When I met him at lunch-time he had caught a Tench, a Bream, some Roach and a couple of Trout "but I haven't caught a carp". I pointed out to him that his float had gone under and after a zooming fight we netted "Beth" which weighed in at 3lb 11oz. He carried on waving his magic wand and catching fish one of which was another Mirror about 4lbs. It's easy for some !


July 31

Geoff Lawrence. "Yet another good night up the lake , i caught 3 Carp a few nice Roach and a big Bream at 2 lb 5 oz

Stella 6 lb 3 oz

Nigel 2 lb 9 oz

Common 2 lb 9 oz"

Stella is the largest mirror weighed-in so far and has gained 6oz since being caught last December, also by Geoff..

Tony White ended the season with a splash when his seat tipped him over the side of his platform and he ended up standing up to his waist in water. Duncan lended him a pair of trousers so it could have been a lot worse - he might have gone home wearing a kilt !


July 30

JLB. The regulars have been hauling them out during the warm weather.

On the 24th Squashy had 10 carp between 3 and 6 pounds, 4 rudd and 4 Tench betweeen one and two pounds.

On the 28th Geoff fished in the evening and had two Mirrors of 2-15-00 (Smoothie) and 3-05-00 (Tom), some nice Rudd and a 1-01-04 Roach on a 10mm boilie. Squashy also had a couple of Wildies. Smoothie hadn't been caught since December 2014 and had added 1-03-00 to his weight.

On the 30th Geoff fished the evening again and had 3 carp - best a 4-06-00 mirror named Twotone.

Tony White and Berry have been having big bags of Roach and Rudd with the odd carp spicing up the mixture. Good fun.


June 21

JLB. The fish are really getting their heads down. I fished with bread punch today while Dave Green fished with maggots. I haven't the details of his catch but he had one Bream of about 2 lb and numbers of perch, rudd and roach with very few trout. I had 8 trout, 7 rudd, 9 tench and 40 roach. I still haven't had a roach over 1lb this season but I will fish a bit heavier tomorrow with bread flake and sweetcorn.


June 20

JLB. Tony White had a cracking day yesterday fishing with bread punch. 21 Roach to 15 oz, 7 Tench, 1 Rudd and 5 trout. This morning I had 20 trout. 2 bream (just over the pound mark), 14 Perch and a dozen roach on single maggot. Earlier in the week Dave Green had lots of fish on several days - best a 5 lb common carp.


June 7

JLB. I have been too busy fishing to write websites! The fish really like this hot weather but I'm not allowed just to fish - I am given projects! What are those smallish fish up in the grassy weed by Jeb's Peg? Where are the Roach? Where are the Tench?

I fancy the smallish fish are Tench but I only caught Wildies. I used sweetcorn, No10 hook to 9lb fluorocarbon, 12lb mainline, 12 ft Shimano and dropped in between the grassy weed and the Bullrushess. Impressive weedcutting with a 5lb Wildie on the end! I didn't catch any of the smaller fish but when I hooked the first Wildie the smaller ones came rocketing out from the grass.

Geoff said he had seen some Roach further up into the bay to the right of Jeb's peg so the next day it was 3lb line, light 13ft float rod, No 16 hook and bread punch with liquidised bread for groundbait. The water was about 2 1/2ft deep in front of the last peg over the bridge.. Fishing on the bottom I had 2 Tench, 6 small Roach, and a 2lb Mirror. Shoals of small Rudd came round at times and and I caught several of those but if I set the bait at more than 6 inches below the surface they didn't appear to see the bread at all.

The next day Tony White fished the middle peg of the three over the bridge using sweetcorn and had 5 Tench and a Wildie and lost a couple of carp in the bullrushes. Having failed to find the Roach in the shallows I fished 10 feet deep in front of the hut (Peg 6) with the bread punch and had about 20 Roach to 12 ounces, a couple of Rudd and a few trout. I returned in the evening and fished three pegs along (Peg 9) and hoped that I was not going to hook one of the big Chub and Carp cruising around and caught more Roach in about 4 feet of water. Chris Cooper and his friend John fished on Sunday (5th) and caught Perch and Trout on maggots and worm. Chris fished peg (9) where I had fished the previous evening and eventually swapped to bread and promptly caught a Roach. He was then lured away to fish floating bread for the carp and had a nice Wildie 5-04-00. It seems that the mystery of the disappearing Roach is that they are there all the time but that they don't like maggots!

Which is another mystery - why?? We have all caught hundreds of roach on maggots. Some time ago I fished peg 9 in 10 feet of water and alternated bread and maggots on each cast. I caught Roach and Trout and every Trout was on maggot and every Roach was on bread. They appear to put up with one another but have a different choice from the menu.

Please let me know how you go on.


May 30

JLB. May ended on a high note at Llyn Alarch. On Sunday (29th) Chris Cooper had a Chub of

5 lbs.and a Wildie of 4-10-00 while his grandchildren were hammering the Perch (see photo). Geoff fished in the evening and had 2 Wildies of 4-09-00 and 3-08-00. On Monday (30th)Tony White decided to bring a touch of class to the proceedings and set about the brownies with a small dry fly on a light leader. A nice Wildie of 4-14-00 took a fancy to Tony's offering and his arm was practically falling off by the time he managed to get it in the net. Congratulations Tony on an a masterclass in how to play a big fish on light gear.


May 17

JLB. Dave Green had a good morning with plenty of Perch and trout plus a small Chub, a two pound Tench and a Bream of the same weight in lovely condition.


May 9

JLB. Noon to 4.30. Light ledger on 2 rods, one with sweetcorn and the other with an 8 mm Pineapple boilie. 2 Commons (1-15-00 7-00-000, 1 Mirror (2-11-00), 1 tench (15 oz) and 1 rudd (about 5 oz.). The bigger Common was Spot and took the boilie as did the tench. The mirror was Duncan again. The little rudd did well to get a grain of sweetcorn on a No 10 hook to 9 lb line into its mouth.


May 5

3 hours in the evening gave good sport with Geoff catching Jacob at 2-11-00 and a common at 3-13-00 and lost one while Dave Green caught Gerald at 3-00-00 and managed to lose two. Geoff was also maggot fishing and catching trout and perch as well.


May 3

JLB. Tony White had a fat Common of seven pounds. I fished late afternoon the next day with maggots and pinkies and had about half a dozen each of Perch and Rudd as well as small brownies. The Perch had spawned but the Rudd hadn't. Good luck to them.


April 15

JLB. Interesting week so far. We had decided to reduce the trout population so arrived on Sunday (10th) armed with plenty of maggots. It was a very cold morning as you can see by Berry pictured on the left. I know. I know !! It isn't a trout. OK. Tell Berry and the Chub. (And I know the Photoshopping is awful but the fish was so heavy that he couldn't lift it above his waist - so I moved it up. Now stop picking on me all the time.) The cold night had put the trout off the feed but we managed to move over a hundred into the river. Monday it rained. Tuesday afternoon I fished and had 4 tench, 7 Perch, 20 trout and a roach - the first we have caught for ages - we don't know where they hide at this time of the year. Wednesday I installed Windows 10. Thursday had a bonfire at the lake and then fished in the afternoon but did no good - maybe I should have fished the opposite side to the bonfire. Today I caught a mole and a mouse (both in traps) but Paul Price fished at Llyn Alarch in the morning and caught Duncan at 2-08-00. I'm going to try hemp(seed) tomorrow.


April 5

JLB. Dave Green took advantage of a mild morning to catch a dozen trout and three mirror carp, Podge at 2-06-00, Jan at 2-00-00 and Bashful at 4-00-00. They have some fine scale patterns as you can see from the picture of Podge.


March 26

JLB. Mick Wilkes braved the storms and caught a couple of tench, some trout and a monster three ounce chub. He sent me a photo of one of the tench (1-04-00) which he had tarted up by allowing it to put its lipstick on before he took the photo ! Look at the photo and judge for yourself.


March 21

JLB. Jessica with her first fish - a fine Brown Trout from Llyn Alarch. She is going to catch a bigger one later so that she can do sister Isobel's trick of hugging it to her chest - which sooo delights her mother who has to keep washing their jackets. The Mafioso glasses is a strong clue that she is Dave Green's daughter. Well done Jessica!!


March 12

JLB. Paul Price put in a morning session before the rugby. Method feeder produced a fine mixed bag - a Common, a Roach, a Mirror and a Wildie. (Being an Englishman in a foreign land I am forced to draw a veil over the result of the rugby match).


February 26

JLB. Our new Chairman David Holland turned up to see what he could catch with a small lure using the drop shot technique. He caught several Perch around half a pound and Duncan was so intrigued that he had a go and here he is with one.


February 22

JLB. Its that man again - Dave caught a Tench in the morning. It was about 2 lb and is the first tench we have caught for some weeks. Spring must be in the air because in the late afternoon, using a 3mm Pineapple boilie I had 4 small tench, a Common at 2-10-00 and a mirror at 2-02-00.



February 11

Good day for a late start. Minus 3 when I left Llandrindod at 11 o'clock in freezing fog. Float fished maggots and pinkies on size 20 to 3lb line. A lovely day when the sun came out. Had about a dozen small roach, five perch and a couple of trout.


February 9

JLB. Dave Green has been getting into the action again ..and again ..and again

I don't think he knows about carp not feeding in the Winter. He usually fishes a short session of 2 - 3 hours in the morning. On the 1st. he had a common and three mirrors, on the 7th three trout and a Wildie and today a common and a fully scaled mirror. In the photograph you can see that daughter Isobel is happy to cradle his catch - I dare not ask what Isobel's mum thinks about it.


January 19

JLB. No one told Dave Green that the carp had slowed down so out went the method feeder and in came Spot as the heaviest weighed carp on the lake at 7-04-00. First weighed in June '14 at 2-15-00 Spot has stayed true to the See-Food diet. I wonder what weight it will achieve by the end of the Summer? Keep up the good work Dave!


January 11

JLB. Happy New Year. The cooler weather has slowed the carp down but the Roach, Trout and Perch are happy enough with these temperatures. Chris had a good catch of Roach, Perch and Rudd on maggot a couple of days ago. I tried liquidised bread and bread punch today and had 37 Roach, one Perch and three Trout. The best of the Roach was about 3/4 lb. Good fun on light tackle.




December 29

JLB. Geoff is finishing the year in style with a Mirror of 5-13-00 which is the biggest we have recorded so far. It fell for a pop-up grain of artificial sweetcorn with a piece of worm on the hook. It hadn't been caught before so was named Stella in honour of the season. The unseasonal warm weather has kept the fish feeding and we are still catching tench which are more usually associated with warm summer evenings than Christmas.


December 17

JLB. Very excited as I had booked a seat for the "Star Wars" premiere in Bulth tonight. Set up two rods for method feeder tactics. Caught 4 Mirrors, one Common, one Wildie (5lb), One Chub (4-06-00), one Rudd and a small tench. I lost a nice Bream at the net and a few fish that I didn't see before they came off. A good method this Method method.

After I returned home and sorted a few things out at about half past five I checked to see what time I had to set out to see the BIG EVENT only to find that it had started at five o'clock ! !! Oh. Yes. Well. My word.

It was a very good day's fishing.


December 16

JLB. Dave Green has done well with a Method Feeder so I thought I would give it a go. Off to Newtown, Method mix, boilies, Method Feeders, gadget for moulding the mix around the feeder, back to Llyn Alarch, tie up some hair rigs (never done it before but the idea is simple), mix up the mix, photograph and weigh Geoff's carp, cast in and sit back for some well earned Method Mix flavoured cake for my lunch. Two savage bites and no hook-up requires re-think. Resident expert Berry explains that the hair is too long (sounds like the army). Shorten hair of hair rig and land two carp and lose another - cracked it!

Berry had Trout, Perch, Roach and Rudd on maggot and Geoff had Perch, Roach and a tench as well as his carp. This carp is a family friend as it is named "Geoff" and he has caught it three times this year.


December 13

JLB. The lake was coloured from the rain but mercifully it was calm. Berry had Perch ,Roach and Trout on maggot, I had about 30 small roach, a couple of Rudd and a couple of Trout on bread punch, Mick Wilkes turned up at lunch time when Berry left and belted in the maggots and caught Perch, Roach and stacks of Trout. Geoff arrived late in the afternoon and caught Trout, Perch and a nice Bream. Good fun.


December 4

JLB. Dave Green decided to fish into the wind at peg 4 and ended up frozen stiff but jubilant as he caught two big Chub, three Mirror carp, a Trout and a Roach. To escape the worst of the wind he moved up to the disabled platform (peg12) where he caught another Mirror and a Wildie. Most of them were on Spicy Sausage pellets fished in a small method feeder.

When we get this combination of mild weather and rain colouring the lake the carp seem to really come onto the feed.


November 29

JLB. Too high for the Czech nymph and a pint of maggots turning to casters so the decision was made for me (I forgot the F1 Grand Prix). The weather map had those yellow triangles which mean stormy weather and they were right. I fished on peg 14 which is up in the shallow end and about the most sheltered spot. Started about 12.30 and had about 10 trout, I small chub, 5 roach, 1 rudd and a fat common spot on 6lbs.


November 18

JLB. Family commitments prevented me from fishing on Sunday(15th) so of course everyone said what a wonderful day's fishing they had. Geoff, Berry and Mick (Wilkes) all caught carp and other fish. Mick sent me photos of a Common about 4 1/2lb and a Mirror about 2 1/2lb. The photo revealed that the Mirror was Beth who was caught in September and weighed 3-02-00 so we can claim with confidence that Mick doesn't exaggerate.

Today was similar weather to Sunday (horrendous) so I sallied forth with great expectations and waterproofs. 2 Wildies (3-10-00 & 4-10-00) and 2 Mirrors (2-00-00 & 3-01-00). Berry turned up in the afternoon and quickly had a Mirror of 3-00-00.


November 9

JLB. Colin and Chris returned but were lamenting the fact that they couldn't get any maggots nearer than Newtown. They braved the gale and rain and swans but the worms they were using only produced a few perch and lots of trout. I had a few maggots and caught trout, rudd and roach and finally a Wildie about 3 lbs.

Berry turned up in the afternoon and first cast caught a lovely perch of 1 3/4 lbs.


November 8

JLB. Electric fence duty :- turn off the electricity, turn on the solar panel, walk the fence removing the twigs that the wind has blown onto the electric fence, tramp down the vegetation that has grown up to short the fence and remove the dead wet leaves which short across the insulators. Then rake out the leaves blocking the swing water gate and check the mole traps (5 this week). Fished the last couple of hours and had a Common 5-04-00 named Fifa who had gained 15 ounces since he was originally caught in June.


November 7

JLB. Heavy overnight rain had coloured the lake.Fished the last hour with sweetcorn and had a nice roach and then a mirror which had not been recorded before (Aramis 2-04-00). Colin and Chris braved the gale and rain and caught some nice perch, small roach, trout and a mirror carp.


November 4

JLB. Fresh from my success in the Grayling Masters (well I caught three) I relaxed at Llyn Alarch with sweetcorn on a light ledger, 9lb hooklength and size 10 Animal barbless spade-end on 2 rods. Groundbaited with a variety of small pellets and some of the sweetcorn. A warm dull day with bubbles coming up in the swim it was only a matter of time............ After three hours with two lines bites to my credit it was only a matter of time before I went mad so I changed to a size 14 and caught a nice Rudd, then a big Chub (4-10-00) and 5 more rudd. The light was beginning to go so I quite expected to catch a carp. Lesson in bad fishing coming up - I didn't slacken the drag! The hooklength was 9lb and could cope with a heavy drag, the hook was strong enough to cope, but dropping down in size from a 10 to a 14 meant that the wire of the hook was thinner and might cut though a shallow hook-hold. The carp zoomed off on the bait-runner, I palmed the spool and slowed the fish down then engaged the main drag, one more lunge and the hook came flying back -- bad fishing.

Berry had some nice Perch on maggots and a few trout


October 18

JLB. Berry had a good session with a Wildie about 5lb, a mirror (Nigel 2-10-00), a Common

(Kinky 4-13-00) topped up with Rudd, Roach and a trout.


October 11

JLB. Dave Green and daughter Isobel had a good morning's fishing - Common about 6lbs, 2 x Mirrors (about 4lb and 3 I/2lb), a Wildie (3-08-00), a tench about 2lb, a perch about 8oz and a few trout. All went well taking the classic photo of Dave with his Wildie, then Isobel with Dad's fish, but then the fish decided to take centre stage and leapt out of Isobel's hands. With great presence of mind to prevent the fish crashing onto the boards she directed the fish towards dad who was still sat in his chair and who caught the fish like a rugby ball. As the picture shows she was full of remorse for covering him in fish slime but delighted that the fish came to no harm and, when placed back into the water, swam away at great speed.

Dave is a glutton for punishment and vows to return clad in full overalls.


October 8

JLB. Tony White can be relied on to catch so it was no surprise to see his rod bending. After a few trout and perch he had a 4-02-00 Chub followed by a 4-04-00 Common. A fortnight ago he had a Chub of 5-12-00.The photo shows Tony with his 4-04-00 Chub today


October 5

JLB. What a difference a day makes! On Sunday several anglers struggled to catch anything under a clear sky with a falling barometer, temperature plummeting in the evening and clear water. I fished late afternoon and managed one small Common as the light faded.

On Monday cloud cover with a bit of drizzle, a warm wind and the water colouring up from fish feeding, during the afternoon 1 Wildie (5-04-00) 2 Commons (2 1/4lbs 2 1/2lbs) and 3 Mirrors

(1-08-00, 2-06-00 and 2-12-00). Two of the mirrors had not been recorded before but the last one, Polly, was caught last June at 8 ounces and now is 2lb 12oz which shows how well they are growing


September 30

JLB. The last fortnight has seen plenty of nice fish coming to the net - 2 lb Tench, 1lb Roach, several Mirror carp in the 3lb bracket, a Common of 4-14-00, several Perch over a pound and a Bream of about 2lbs. This last caused a good deal of delight as Peter and John had driven down from Llanidloes and Peter expressed his desire to catch a Bream. It was 40 years since he had last caught a Bream and we shared his delight when he caught a fin perfect 2lb object of his dreams.


September 1

JLB. Thought I would try maggots for a change and in late afternoon ledgered sweetcorn as well. Had 6 Tench, 3 Perch, 3 Trout and about 25 - 30 Roach. Several of the Roach were quite small and acted as a reminder that bread (which I have been using recently) sorts out the bigger Roach.

The Tench were in the 1 to 1 1/2lb bracket whereas last year many were about 8 - 10 oz. One perch was a beauty at 1-13-00 and the photo shows Geoff trying to train the perch to hold its fin up. The photo fails to include the full body armour required to deal with such opponents.



August 24

JLB. Fished from Jeb's Peg at Llyn Alarch. Spent most of the day discovering that some fish will eat a whole lob worm - tench, perch and trout - but the others grab it by the tail and run round waving it over their heads and shouting "Look what I've got?" which results in a lot of unproductive bites. Tried liquidised bread on a float on the other rod and had several roach and a Mirror carp. Swapped the lob worm for sweetcorn and ended the day with 3 Wildies to 5-05-00, 1 perch, I trout, 1 tench and the Mirror (Priscilla) at 2-11-00. The Roach were lovely fish in the 8 to 14 oz bracket.

Berry fishing near the dam had a mirror (Gerald 2-02-00) in his catch and Geoff (in front of the hut) had 2 bream, one just under 2lbs and the other 1 1/2 lbs in his catch.


August 21

JLB Warm, wet, overcast, what could fish want more? - bread and sweetcorn is the answer. I had about 25 roach and rudd in the 6 -12 oz bracket 'til I gave up and concentrated on the ledgered sweetcorn. 10lb main line, 9lb fluorocarbon hooklink, size 12 barbless Kamasan Animal spade end, and an AAA shot on a 2 inch dropper about 16 inches up from the hook. I was groundbaiting 1 1/2 rod-lengths out with liquefied bread and feeding 3 rod-lengths further on with sweetcorn and a mixture of 4mm pellets. Wasted a lot of time with line-bites on the ledger before the penny dropped and I fished nearer to me. I had 3 Commons, 3 Mirrors, a 2lb Tench and several roach on the sweetcorn. Best common was Spot (he has a spot on his side) at 5-14-00 which was caught by Tony White last August at 4-00-00.

Berry joined in the fun in the afternoon and caught several perch, two Commons which he thought were both over 6 lb and lost a couple more in thick weed using small worms.


August 18

Geoff Lawrence reports :- I have just had 4 hours up the lake and caught 2 Bream of 1 lb and 1. 1/2 lb, 7 Tench mostly males about 1 lb and one big Female Tench at 1 .1/2 lb with black spot on her right side. I also had 1 nice rud and 1 small trout and ..... 2 nice PERCH !!!!!!!!

I did hook 2 wild carp but pulled out in the weed.

JLB. These are the first perch we have caught from the lake.


August 16

Geoff and Berry had fun. Geoff had some roach and trout and a mirror (Alistair - first caught last December) and Berry had 11 good size Roach and a 2lb Tench


August 15

JLB. Todd Wilcocks decided to take up coarse fishing so started with a 3 1/2 lb Wildie, a handful of cracking roach and then a Mirror of 2lb 4oz (Winifred, first caught in June last year at 9oz) - dead easy this coarse fishing! He was using a light ledger and sweetcorn. I left him to it while he was still catching.


August 9

JLB The fish were feeding in a weed-bed close to the side so delicate tactics were called for - 2 I/2lb test curve 12 footer and 9lb hooklink to size 12 hook - just the thing for roach. I had 10 roach from 6 to 14 oz, 3 tench to 1-04-00, 2 commons to 3-10-00 and a mirror named Tom who weighed 2lb last October and 3lb today. The weed-bed was almost completely estroyed. Berry had a dozen fish with a Wildie abour 6lb and a roach which he weighed in at 1-02-00.


August 8

Martyn Roberts and Jeff Hope-Davies decided to have a go at still water coarse fishing at Llyn Alarch. First blood went to Martyn with this fat tench and they went on to catch bream, roach and rudd.


August 5

GPIAC Pest control officers (Geoff and Dunc) have had three mink in the last few days at Llyn Alarch. The photo shows why the ducks and waterhens and fish don't like them. Floss regularly and you too can have gleaming teeth like that!


August 4

New member and former Sea Angler Ron Whitehouse tried his hand at coarse fishing at Llyn Alarch and was delighted to catch a Wild Carp of 3lb 4oz on sweetcorn. He is going to have a go at Brown Trout on the Groe next but I think he is hooked on Carp fishing.


July 12

Geoff Lawrence had a good 3 hour session. 2 Rudd,1Roach, 9 Tench (1lb to 1 1/2lb), I Wildie about 4lb and a Mirror Carp 1-08-00. The Mirror was Kate who had gained 1/4 lb since September.

The Wildie was rather thin so we hope it had spawned successfully. Kate's picture is on the left.


June 30

Duncan reports that the carp are in a spawning frenzy alongside the walkway before the bridge. Mirrors, Commons and Wildies all swirling around together with the other fish keeping out of the way. It was thought that with the lake being fed by a stream the water may not get warm enough for them to breed successfully but the carp seem to have their own ideas on that subject.


June 24

JLB 4 roach 2 tench and a Wild Carp 6-08-00. Bread and sweetcorn. The Wildie put quite a bend in the light float rod and 3lb line.


June 23rd

Tony White had a good day with11 roach, 3 rudd, 4 tench and 7 trout the biggest being 1-12-00. He reports that he had a Wildie two weeks ago weighing 7-08-00 which is the biggest we have weighed so far.


June 21

Geoff Lawrence had a 1 lb tench and a dozen Rudd this evening in a couple of hours fishing


June 13

JLB 11.30-6.30 3 Wildies, 6 Tench, 5 Roach and 5 Rudd . All on legered sweetcorn. Best Wildie 4-10-00, Tench 1-11-00


June 12

JLB 8.30-12.30 3 Mirrors,3 Tench and 3 Rudd. All on legered sweetcorn. All three mirrors weighed 2lb precisely! Two of them I had caught 5 days apart last September and one had gained 6oz and the other 8oz.


June 7

JLB 15 Roach, 12 Tench and 3 Rudd. All on bread punch fished over liquididised bread. Packed packed up at 2.00 pm to go hame and water the garden


June 4

JLB 10.30 - 2.00 17 Roach, 1 Tench and 2 Rudd then it died. Hot day and all the fish went up to the top end and I went home to produce the website.


June 3

JLB 18 Roach, 1 Rudd, 2Tench and 6 trout on bread punch, Went dead at lunch and tried everything through the afternoon and had 12 Trout and I Wildie (5-00-00) on maggot and 1 Common (Fifa 4-06-00) on Sweetcorn. The common had an identifying mark by his tail so was given a name.


May 18

Steven Frodsham 1 Common on 5 grains of freelined sweetcorn. Estimated 7 lbs - the biggest caught from the lake. It took 2 rods to land it as the first rod was snatched from the platform into the water and towed out some way into the lake. Fortunately the water was shallow and part of the rod floated to the surface. The second rod was called into service to land the first rod ( I'm sorry I started this) and battle was resumed and the quarry secured. Well done Steven.


May 17

JLB 13 Roach, 11 Rudd, 5 Tench and 1 Common (2.08.00). All on bread apart from 1 Tench on maggot.

Berry. 1 Tench


May 16

Berry. 1 Carp


May 15

Windy and sunny at start but turned grey and cold

JLB 2 Mirror(Armoured and Rosanne) Best 2-12-00, 7 Roach and 3 trout


May 14

Berry. 3 Carp and 1 Tench


May 13

Berry. 3 Carp and 1 Tench


May 12

Berry. 2 Carp 1 Tench


May 11 p.m.

JLB 3 Mirrors (Jan, Jacob and Jake) best 1-13-00, 5 Tench and 1 Rudd. All on sweetcorn.

Berry 1 Wild (4-10-00) and 1 Common (3-08-00) on sweetcorn.


May 5 p.m.

JLB Blowing a gale and raining. 2 Rudd, I Tench and 12 trout. All on maggot.


April 30 p.m.

JLB 9 Tench, 1 Rudd, 3 Roach, a few trout. floatfished bread and legered sweetcorn.