Grayling Masters

Grayling Masters 2017

5 November 2017


Grayling Masters 2017



Now being accepted. Contact Dan Graham on 07428658883 and



The 2017 G.P.I.A.C. Grayling Masters will be fished on the river Wye and Irfon on Sunday 5th November 2017. The clubs waters will be closed to all anglers who are not competing in this event.


The club is very happy to announce that the competition this year will be sponsored by Funky Flytying and Fulling Mill.


Can all competitors please meet at the public car park in Builth Wells from 7.30am for registration and the draw of beats. fishing will commence at 9am.

Entry for the competition will be £10 for club members and £20 for non club members (entry fee plus £10 day ticket for fishing)

Format of the Competition

At the draw the names of competitors will be split into two pots with the beats in a third. A name will be drawn from each pot to pair up anglers, and they will then be drawn their 4 beats for the day. Anglers will fish 2 beats before lunch, and 2 in the afternoon. The 4 beats should see pairs cover varying water types and fish catching opportunities. If, for example, the pair draw beat 1, their next 3 beats will be 4,7,10, so everyone should get a good chance at the likely fish holding areas. 1 hour 30 minutes is the allocated time for each beat, you will need to decide between you who will be driving, as there will be short 5/6 minute drives from some beats at the top of the water down to beats at the bottom. You will also have to agree between you when to leave the beat you are on to move to your next, as there is no time allocated for moving between beats.

Example; Bill and Ben draw beat 3 first. After fishing for an hour they only have 1 fish each and between them can decide to leave the beat for their next. They can use the time they have left allocated for that beat to move up river to beat 6, so they are there ready start at 10.30 on the dot (not before). On the other hand, Tom and Jerry are fishing beat 11 first and are really into the fish. they decide to stay at their beat for the full 1.5 hours, but this means they loose time on their next beat (2), travelling to it.

Both anglers must agree when to make the move to their next beat. Each angler will carry the score card of their partner, and must mark each fish their partner catches, with the angler who has caught the fish agreeing with the number and signing it at the end of the time on the beat.

The winner will simply be the angler who catches the most grayling over the course of their 4 beats, there will be a size limit of 20cm (as per EA Regulations).

Competition rules

1.Strictly catch and release, with barbless or de-barbed flies only.

2.Only grayling of 20cm or greater will count towards the final score.

3.Please respect all fish caught and ensure they are fully revived before releasing them (especially any out of season trout or salmon which may be caught). We strongly recommend you use a net, although for small grayling it isn't mandatory as long as your partner is happy you've caught the fish.

4. A maximum of 2 fly rods may be set up and carried by each angler.

5. Non standard/non production fly lines are permitted i.e. the braid method and French leaders etc.

6. Strike indicators are permitted and do not necessarily need to contain a hook.

7. Your partner must be happy that the fish you have caught is a grayling before marking your card.

8. Please respect the countryside and our landowners, close gates behind you, do not drop litter or leader material, and respect members of the public you encounter.

9. The winner will be the angler who catches the most grayling over the course of the day. If the event of a tie:

The angler who caught on most beat. If it's still a tie, then:

The angler with the most fish on any one beat.

10. Enjoy yourself, do not be afraid to ask your partner for the day for advice, and do not be shy in giving your partner advice, we want everyone to go home having had an enjoyable day regardless of the final result.



Results of the previous two previous competitions.