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The picture of Mick Wilkes with his 20 pounder was taken a couple of years ago but has been left here to whet your appetite. Caught on a Toby on 5 April 2015 from the Stone Pool.


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AGM 2017

Subscriptions to remain unchanged.


The only change is in Visitors Permits for Salmon fishing - the 3 Day permit increases to £35 and the

1 Day to £23


The Duncan Cup for the heaviest fish caught during the previous season at Llyn Alarch was presented by the Treasurer John Lloyd to Geoff Lawrence for his common Carp of 9lb 6oz.

(The cup, originally thought to be solid gold, has been assayed, DNA and Pregnancy tested and scraping have been tested by gas chromatography. No trace of gold has yet been detected but tests are continuing.)



EA Rod Licences for 2017

New prices after 1st April 2017

Salmon and Seatrout Full £82 Disabled or over 65 £54

Trout and Coarse (2 rod) Full £30 Disable or over 65 £20

Trout and Coarse (3 rod) Full £45 Disable or over 65 £30


Juniors under 12 do not require a licence


Juniors aged 12 to 16 DO REQUIRE a licence. It is free but you must get one from the Post Office or online at the Environment Agency or Natural Resources Wales websites.





Your secretary is alive and well. Let's have some better images here than an old fogey with a little roach. Send your images to








March 15

JLB. My first trip to the river this season. I started at the top of the beat and it was dead as mutton so grabbed a bite to eat and went down to the Fly run. Gareth Jones met me with the immortal words "they have been hatching like mad". The hatch was pretty well over but I managed three grayling before they turned off completely. The flies that had been on the water were a mixture of Large Dark Olives, March Browns and Spent March Browns. I had been wise enough to take a photo of the first little trout I caught in the morning on a wet fly. I'm sure you can all catch bigger ones than that so take a photo and send it to me at





June 12

Jeff Jones from Llanafan (Aberystwyth) set the ball rolling on Monday with a lovely fish from the Fly Run. 14 lb cock fish. He had the first one of the season last year as well from the same pool.


June 13

Our worthy salmon recorder Brian Metcalf weighed in with a 12 pound cock fish from the Aber Pool fishing from the Breconshire bank (Builth side) with a fly.

John Hicks had a 9 pounder from the Fly Run on his trusty Green Highlander.

Bert Williams had one from the Church Pool - a 6lb cock fish on the Fly.



August 4

Dusted down the Czech nymph gear, arrived at the river to find I had left my rod at home. Good start! (Only 20 minutes to home). Wading under the trees at the top of the Larder Pool stretch the shadows combined with the coloured water made for slow progress but 4 nice grayling and a trout made it all worthwhile. Next I tried the last few hundred yards of the Irfon and had a couple of fish above the little suspension bridge but the final straight to the Aber Pool only yielded a few tiddlers. The number of fish in this stretch varies wildly depending on the conditions of the two rivers - when the fish prefer the water in the Irfon to the Wye (due to differences in height, colour, temperature, etc.) then some of them move up from the Wye.


August 7

John-Paul (hereafter named JP) and Chris started fishing at Llyn Alarch this Spring and proved very skillful. Walking alongside the river each day proved very tempting to them so after an hours basic instruction I left them to their own devices. They had a go yesterday and sent me these photos of the results of their expedition. Brilliant.

I asked what they had caught them on and the answer was "dog biscuits". Silly me! Of course it was dog biscuits! I should have known!!


I don't know either but I will find out.


I'm off down the river now but I will not be using dog biscuits - it's Czech nymphs for me and the grayling. Perhaps that my trouble - I'm not prepared to be innovative enough.


I can't leave without congratulating the dads and lads combo of JP and Chris for starting their river fishing careers so brilliantly. Well done.


If any other lads are catching (with or without their dads) send me your pictures so we can all see




Total salmon catch 34.


After the season ended Mary Bradbury showed her angling skills again by hooking 2 salmon in the Fly Run on a grayling fly. Landed one but the other got away.