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April 2


First Salmon of the year spotted on the water today!!! Head Bailiff Duncan had been doing his good deed for the day helping some young lady at the Aber Pool to be reunited with her spaniel. He glanced upstream.just in time to see a silver salmon about seven pounds in weight come clear out of the water. It was just above where the Irfon enters the main river where the rocks in mid-stream cause the water to boil.

They say that for every fish that shows itself there are ten that don't. Maybe one of those ten are waiting for your lure.

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Dave Holland congratulates Chris for winning the Duncan Cup 25.1.19.

Chris admires the Duncan Cup 25.1.19

January 25


AGM Summary

  • Subscription Prices unchanged for 2019
  • Local Membership catchment area expanded to 12 miles radius
  • Committee Members must reside within 5 mile radius
  • Secretary may be drawn form 12 mile radius
  • Dan Graham did not stand for re-election
  • Additional deputy bailiffs elected.


The motion to extend the catchment area for local membership to 12 miles radius was passed, as was an amendment that committee members should be drawn from within the previous 5 mile limit. This was an attempt to maintain local control of the fishing which was the cornerstone of the formation of the Club. It was agreed that this ruling did not apply to a candidate for the secretaryship who could be drawn from the 12 mile radius of local membership.


The Chairman was pleased to report that the river and lake had fished well apart from the Salmon fishing which had been a non event, the first time in the Club's history that not a single salmon had been recorded from the water. The hot dry year had been the main cause for that.

The Chairman thanked all the officers and committee who had helped the Club to run smoothly and noted with regret that Dan Graham found that he had too many commitments at the moment to continue as secretary. The Chairman thanked Dan for his work throughout the year.


John Lloyd presented his clearly explained financial account for the year and explained that the local membership was declining year on year which was one of the principal reasons for recommending an increase of the catchment area for the Club. He was pleased to report a succesful year financially for the Club


The Officers wit the exception of the Secretary were re-elected. Two of the committee who had done their threee year stint were re elected. Tony White who stood down from the committee for family reasons left a place on the Committee which was filled by the retiring secretary Dan Graham.


The Vice-Chairman Duncan McDonald was re-elected as Club Bailiff as was his deputy Brain Metcalf. Two further Deputy Bailiff were elected namely James Jones and Geoff Lawrence.


The highlight of the evening was the presentation of the Duncan McDonald Cup for the heaviest fish caught at Llyn Alarch during the year. This was presented by the Chairman to Chris Bartholomew for a Common Carp of 10 pounds 12 ounces.


In 2017 Chris's father JP won the Duncan McDonald Cup and Chris was determined to emulate him. But this is a hard fought contest and in the Spring of 2018 (30th March) it was Geoff who was beaming into the camera cradling Spot at 10-02-00 and dreaming of being presented at the AGM with the Duncan McDonald Cup. His reign didn't last long because on the 3rd of May JP claimed victory with Spot at 10-06-00. All through the long hot Summer the prize was waiting for him but that cad Lance stepped in and pulled the rug from under him in mid October with Spot at 10-08-00. Lance's dreams of a gleaming gold cup only lasted a fortnight before JP's son Chris stepped in and whisked the dream away with Spot at 10-12-00. A worthy winner.


We are in the awkward position of not having a Club Secretary. If anyone in the 12 miles radius whould like to have a go please contact us. No experience necessary.