Club Rules





  1. An Environment Agency rod licence must be obtained in addition to a Club permit before fishing.
  2. It is the responsibility of all anglers to be aware of current E.A. bylaws which take precedence over Club bylaws. Any infringement of E.A. rules or bylaws

will be deemed to be an infringement of Club bylaws and will be liable to disciplinary action.

  1. Maggots may only be used from the 1st day of October to the last day of February inclusive. All fish caught on maggots must be returned to the water.
  2. All trout less than 10 inches from the tip of the nose to the fork of the tail must be returned to the water irrespective of their condition. Grayling (see E.A.

bylaws) - max of 2 per day between 12 and 15 inches.

  1. No more than 2 trout and 2 grayling may be kept in any one day.
  2. Trout and Grayling may not be kept in a keepnet.
  3. All anglers other than Salmon anglers will be restricted to using fly-only during the period 1st March to 30th September on the following waters:-

a) The Radnor bank below Builth bridge to the top of the Church Pool.

b) The Brecknock bank below Builth bridge to the Tanhouse brook

  1. The stretch between the notice boards on the Fly Run is restricted to Fly-only during the open season for Salmon fishing.
  2. The use of worms for any species of fish is prohibited on the Club's waters on the Irfon during the open season for trout fishing. However, member's

children aged 10 or less, if accompanied by a senior member may worm fish that stretch of the Irfon from the swing bridge upstream for approximately 50

metres to the big tree which will bear an appropriate notice.

  1. Salmon anglers using methods other than fly must return all trout caught.
  2. Any Shad caught must be returned to the water.
  3. The use of minnows (alive or dead) and any live bait is prohibited.
  4. With one exception spinning is only permitted for salmon only and in accordance with E.A. regulations. All fish taken on a spinner must be returned to the water regardless of condition save for Pike which may be kept (But see E.A. Bylaws).The exception is spinning for Pike which is permitted from 1st November to the end of February inclusive, using lures not less than 3 1/2 inches in length excluding the hooks and swivels
  5. A record of all salmon caught must be phoned through to Brian Metcalf (01982 551318) or transmitted to the Secretary within 24 hours of capture.
  6. Drop-shot fishing is not permitted on the Wye or Irfon under E.A. bylaws
  7. Members are entitled and encouraged to inspect permits and catches of other anglers. Any infringement found should be reported without delay to a

committee member, with the offender's name and address if possible. The committee will support all anglers acting in good faith in this way.

  1. Llyn Alarch has been converted to a coarse fishery - Roach, Tench, Carp, Rudd, Perch and Bream.
  2. Any member found hawking, selling or attempting to sell trout or grayling caught on Club water will be subject to disciplinary action.
  3. Trout and Coarse anglers should give way to Salmon anglers fishing named and marked pools
  4. Members should at all times be courteous and helpful to other anglers.
  5. Wildlife on and around the river should be respected and any member found or reported to be mistreating any wildlife will be disciplined. Wildllife includes

all species of fish.

  1. Litter and discarded fishing tackle, especially lengths of nylon, must not be left on the river bank.
  2. Fishing from bridges is strictly prohibited.
  3. Dogs and wheeled or motorised vehicles are not permitted on private land except by prior arrangement of the angler with the owner of the land. Dogs

may accompany anglers along the Groe.

  1. Anglers should ensure that, where the Club only has the right to fish one bank, they only cast away from that bank and do not turn round to fish back

towards the Club's bank. The only parts of the Clubs waters where we do have both banks is on the Irfon from the Larder Pool to the top boundary and on the Wye from the Aber Pool to to 40 yards below the main road bridge where the Tanhouse brook enters on the right bank.


Spinning for trout is strictly forbidden on any of the Clubs waters at any time.



Contact :- J L Burton, Angle House, Pentrosfa Crescent, Llandrindod Wells, Powys, LD1 5NW

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