Llyn Alarch


Llyn Alarch


This was a put and take rainbow trout fishery for many years. The rainbows are short lived and have all disappeared but the indigenous brown trout spawn in the brook and drop down into the lake. We have permission to transfer brown trout to the R. Irfon so we thin them out from time to time if they become a nuisance when maggot fishing.

Cormorant refuges have been installed, something that is new to small Stillwater fisheries in Wales. These are sheep netting cages lowered into the lake that the fish can enter and leave freely but cormorants can’t. All the work has been overseen and approved by Richard Sheppard of the EA.

The lake contains :-

Common Carp, Mirror Carp and Wild Carp

Tench, Chub and Bream

Roach, Rudd and Perch


There are no restrictions on fishing methods other than snorkelling and Kayaking and no bait restrictions. Barbless hooks please.


Don't stray off the paths and platforms because the mud is over ten feet deep in many places. Children welcome but must be accompanied by an adult in case they try to determine the depth of the mud or the slipperiness of the 16 ft high spillway.


The dam end is the deepest with about 12 feet depth. The old brook course is nearer the car park side especially near to the fishing hut where the drop off is only a few rod lengths out. The opposite side has a more gradual slope.


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