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The map shows the parts of the Wye and Irfon controlled by the Club and our coarse fishing lake (Llyn Alarch - No.10). The River Irfon winds its way passed Llyn Alarch, through the Larder Pool (No.9) and down the rapids into Black Pool (No.8). It continues northwards under the bridge carrying the road from Builth to Llandovery and enters the Wye at the Aber Pool (No.7) at the top end of the park named The Groe. Worm fishing is not allowed on the Irfon during the Trout open season.


The Club has the fishing on both banks of the Irfon from the top of Rookery Wood down to the notice board between the Larder Pool and the pedestrian suspension bridge over to Caer Beris Manor Hotel. We do not have any fishing rights from the notice board down to the Black Pool. From the Black Pool down to the Aber Pool we have the fishing rights on the Right bank. Our fishing continues on the Right bank of the Wye alongside The Groe to a short distance below the main road bridge to where the liittle brook (the Tanhouse brook) enters.

On the Left bank of the Wye (the opposite side to The Groe) our fishing starts several hundred yards above the Aber Pool, continues down to the main road bridge and then for about a mile and a half to the bottom end of the Power Station Pool where the Cnithio brook enters the Wye.

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